CS:GO: Karrigan makes up for Deagle fail with genius 1v2 clutch

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  Left in a dire 1v2 situation, with his health on the ropes, Karrigan opted against the easy plant at the B bombsite and rotated up all the way through heaven and stairs, bringing him out to the A site.

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  Despite being faced with two players, the Mousesports IGL had wasted enough time in the round that he had forced one player to rotate to the other site - giving him an easy one on one. With Windigo not expecting him to strike from behind, the Dane was able to sneak up behind one foe and stab them in the back, securing the extra money from the knife kill and a valuable weapon.

  He waited out the second player, who didn’t have a defuse kit and was unable to try a sneaky defuse, by letting them pass before taking aim for a headshot. Karrigan didn’t miss and secured the twelfth round for his squad. ?